Kelley Sanabria

Founder & CEO, Femworking

The Women Empower Expo was an incredible experience. I was impressed by the diversity and the overall friendliness and kindness of the other attendees. The speakers were inspiring, and Alexa and her team were awesome at every interaction. I'll definitely be back next year!

Angelina Paniagua

Social Media Internet Marketing Consultant, WEX D.C. 2017 Attendee

Loved connecting with passionate people who strive to learn, collaborate, and uplift each other! Awesome event!

Cherina Tidwell-Watson

Postdoctoral Fellow, WEX D.C. 2017 Attendee

WEX DC was different from the normal conference. It was power packed with strong speakers. The enviroment was up beat, high energy and inspiring. Loved the diversity!

Hope Cousin

Marketing and Advertising Professional, WEX D.C. 2017 Attendee

This wasn't just a great networking event of people from across the miles, but a real community networking event where if you made a connection, you can meet, have lunch, form a partnership vs. other empty networking events where you have to chase the person down or is filled with empty conversation and chatter. I am glad that I went...even now, still on an incredible high from realizing and acknowledging that there's nothing like having gal pals and small or large network of girlfriends.

Brittany F.

WEX D.C. 2017 Attendee

I had an amazing time at the Expo! I came to the Expo alone, so I was a little worried that I would feel uncomfortable. But that wasn't the case at all! I felt nothing but positive energy in all of the women I met, and even the passers by. We need more events like this for women!! I would love to speak or have a booth for one of these events in the future! It was simply amazing!

Dacie Bridge, PhD

Postdoctoral Fellow, WEX D.C. 2017 Attendee

The Women Empower Expo was a phenomenal experience. I met wonderful women in the area who all share the same goals of supporting each other. The sessions provided excellent information for business and personal growth. I am looking forward to more events in the future.


WEX D.C. 2017 Attendee

I really enjoyed this expo it was very inspiring and educational. As an entrepreneur and a woman I felt like I can conquer the world after hearing the speakers and the stories that were told. I'm definitely looking forward to next year!

Autumn Seibel

Founder of Golden Otter Divinations

The Women Empower Expo was the best event I have ever had the pleasure of being an exhibitor at! The venue was well chosen and extremely well organized on the day of the expo and in the planning leading up to it. The energy of the event was positive, uplifting, and very inspiring. I was honored to have the pleasure to co-create in such a high vibrational environment. Wishing the Women Empower Expo and the founder Alexa Carlin much love, success, and blessings in the future!

Leyanis Diaz

Miss Black Florida USA 2016-2017

I am extremely grateful for having had the opportunity to attend this event! The Women Empower Expo truly exemplified female empowerment. As women, we need to learn to collaborate and not compete. Getting the opportunity to connect with, learn from, teach and support other women at this event played into that idea of collaboration rather than competition. I know I'm not the only one that feels like they got A LOT out of this and I can't wait until next year!

Dr. Gena Bofshever

Founder, Dr. Gena Chiropractic

The Women's Empower Expo was one of the best events I've attended in South Florida both personally and professionally. I was there as a business owner/sponsor with a vendor booth, community member, as well as a speaker. There was the opportunity to meet many amazing women. My office sponsors many events, but the Women Empower Expo allowed us to sign up over 20 new patients! There were numerous workshops on various topics, along with fashion shows, fun, and networking! The day was exciting, uplifting, and most of all, empowering. I can't wait for WEX next year.

Yulia Konovnitsyna


Grateful to have had the opportunity to witness history in the making at the Women Empower Expo. Can't wait for the next one!

Erika Obando

Founder of SidePreneur 360

Women Empower Expo was the perfect platform to deliver a message of diversity, talent, collaboration and women making powerful sound waves with their voices! They shared their stories of failures, of tribulations, triumphs and perseverance. And in so, planting a seed of inspiration in all of us that will branch out within us for years to come.

Cheryl Fields

Founder, Lifestyle Wealth Group

I loved the energy and the vibe of the vendors. It felt relaxed and collaborative. And I loved the mix of all types of women (and men) who attended. I thought the blend of fitness and wholistic education was what made it great, they loved my "wholistic finance" approach to money. I had 32 attendees in my session and got 28 people wanting to set up appointments and take it to the next level. Plus over 50 people signed up for my webinars and they loved the topics I offer in a 30 minute format.

Ro Ferrelli

Spiritual & Personal Development Coach

The Women Empower Expo was the most empowering and inspirational women’s event that I’ve ever been a part of! The motivational speakers, awesome vendors, and even the breathtaking fashion show by Boston Proper, all created a shift in me that I wasn’t expecting. I am forever transformed because of this powerful event and I can’t wait for the next one!

Nancy Matthews

Founder, Women's Prosperity Network

Let's all have a BIG SHOUT OUT to the Women Empower Expo for hosting the most successful expo I've ever participated in! (and I've been to a lot!) They're a class act all the way! Thank you for inviting me to be part of it. Please send me details re DC in May - I want in!

Shantera Chatman

Founder, The Chatman Women's Foundation

I participated in the Women Empower Expo because this is what we do. This is our space to be able to help women indulge in their #PowHer. This refers to the fact that women can act and do anything they so desire on their own timeline and on their own terms. We're helping to propel women forward. The Women Empower Expo is a space where there are so many great women, so much high energy that we wanted to be a part of. Also, we give scholarships with my Foundation to women. We started in Houston, Texas where we're from and now our reach is going beyond Houston. Now we have women in Florida who are applying for scholarships so this is a great opportunity to step out and be able to start to get our faces here as well.

Alexa Curtis

Fashion Blogger

The Women Empower Expo was the most inspiring and eye-opening experience for me. I've spoken at many other conferences in the past, but most jumble me in with tons of other speakers. It's rare that you feel like you're part of a family by speaking at a huge conference, but that's just what Women Empower Expo is: a huge family gathering of women. The selection of panels and discussions were absolutely fantastic, and I enjoyed sitting through every single one of them. I rarely get to spend a whole day somewhere listening to people speak, but Women Empower Expo made me want to spend my day listening to inspirational and strong women speak.

Lize Tibiriçá

Founder, LT Coaching LLC

Women Empower Expo was an amazing experience and did what it promised to deliver: to inspire, motivate, connect and empower women (and men!) in a beautiful way! The event brought together souls that want to grow and be the change in their lives and the lives of others. If you didn't have the chance to make to the event this year, come to next year's - you'll love it!

Heidi Siefkas

Author, Speaker, Adventurer

I'm proud to say that I was part of the first WEX. Not only were the speakers top notch, but the vendors and fashion show rocked. I've marked my calendar for next October. Thank you to Alexa and the WEX team for your hard work and vision!

Jennifer Martin

Internationally Recognized Spiritual Life Coach and Expert Yoga Teacher

Everyone that attended the event whether as a guest, presenter or vendor was dedicated to living a true spirit of Empowerment. The inspiring energy that was shared, the encouraging messages to grow, along with practical tools given to reach unlimited potential will have an everlasting impact on the world. I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to speak at such an amazing event and play some role in its inception.

Wilda Previl

WEX Volunteer

I wasn't sure what to expect as a volunteer for the 1st annual Women Empower Expo. I knew I wanted to support the woman behind the movement and get a chance to see what muscle goes into creating an event like this. It was really thoughtful to have allowed the volunteers to sit-in on our class of choice; I really appreciated that. Most of all, the energy among the volunteers was positive, just like the event itself. I'm grateful to have been part of this year's team and look forward to helping WEX in 2017!


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